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Email: surfvacationcostarica@gmail.com
Santa Teresa, on the main road about 100m. North from beach access and hostel "Brunela"
everyday from 8:30am till 6:30pm
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"White water" - Beginners Surf Lessons

Beginners will be introduce first to *"white water" where the water height get up to the chest height and the surfer will have full control on his body,

with our solid method you'll learn phase by phase how to balance yourself and stend up on the surfboard.

*"White water" surf lessons are excellent conditions for both beginners and beginners with some experience. these gentle yet strong enough waves suited to take the surfer on a smooth raid all the way to the shore and allowing the beginners to practice all basics.

Surf lesson duration is 90min total surfing time including ground rules, we provide all necessary equipment for the duration of the lesson. 

All surf lessons are group classes held with ratio of 1 surf instructor per maximum 3 surfers participants. 

We charge $65 per person for a surf lesson.


We set all surf lessons according to ocean conditions and tide charts, choosing the best time during the day and set the lesson with considering these conditions.

Intermediate Surf Lessons

when the conditions are fair and its safe to take you to the big waves we would love to escort you and to help you improving your surfing skills, in these conditions you'll experience surfing with learning "ocean reading" and how to paddle right to fresh waves from the lineup, turning and more.

Del Soul surf instructors are specializes in taking you to your next surfing level, we will do our best to guide you to your goal.


joining one of our intermediate surf lesson is required to have your surfing technique and basics (popup,balance and some turning) solid.

* Booking an intermediate surf lesson depending on ocean conditions



Del Soul surf school is well experienced with hosting groups and retreats up to 100 surfers participants,

with ratio of 1 instructor per maximum 2.5 surfers we will do our best so that each participant will get enough attention and personal guide.


for big groups (more than 10 participants) we offer variety of surfing sessions, please feel free to ask us about it.


Surfing is unique sport, it is requiring precision control, much concentration, it is a rewarding sport and educates the young surfer to love and respect the nature and the ocean.

At Del Soul surf school, we offer surf lessons for kids from 5 years old

safety is one of our main goals, we will take the kids to surf with special surfboards called “soft top” made of compressed sponge, these longboards designs created specifically with the beginner in mind, the board are long so that the kids will be stable and comfortable and most of all safe, and will enjoy surfing!

kids according to their abilities and age will be taking to surf on shallow water where the water will get to their waist height maximum so that they will have full control on their body inside the water, kids doesn't need to have swimming abilities but to feel comfortable in the water.

ratio will be one surf instructor for maximum 2 kids.