BOOK your surf lesson

we set daily surf lessons for beginners surfers and beginners with some experience,

surf lessons are 90min duration total surfing time including a short practice on dry and ground rules 

all surf lessons set and schedule according to ocean conditions and tide charts, everyday times changing,

Del Soul surf school host group classes with a ratio of 1 instructor with up to 3 surfers participants

we will provide all necessary equipment for the duration of the lesson


* Intermediate surf lesson set and schedule a day before only according to ocean conditions 

** we will confirm the exact time for the lesson a day before.


Booking your class requires a confirmation deposit of $20 per surfer participant to be paid at our PayPal account or following the bottom below:

*Intermediate classes will be confirmed a day before if conditions will allow hosting a surf lesson for this surfing level.

**Del Soul surf school keep the right to reschedule or postpone surf lessons if we see conditions as unfitting hosting surf lessons.